Natural Cure for Insomnia Found

December 15, 2009
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Circadin works with the body’s natural processes by gradually releasing melatonin—the hormone that prepares the body for sleep. “Circadin not only improves the onset of sleep, but also the quality of sleep,” company founder Professor Nava Zisapel, a neuroscientist, tells ISRAEL21c. “People who take the drug have reported that they have better daytime functioning and an improved quality of life.” Melatonin is produced in the body at the onset of darkness, preparing the body physiologically by lowering the blood pressure and body temperature. Its primary function is to separate day and night in the body’s internal biological clock. Since darkness is a trigger of melatonin, strong fluorescent lights can suppress its production as well as anxiety, depression, or simply aging.

“Circadin produces melatonin in the same way as the [pineal] gland…It releases melatonin in a gradual manner.”

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Excerpts from an article by Ilana Teitelbaum,  

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