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Nasrallah Rages against “Hegemonic” US

February 1, 2010
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Israel, in Nasrallah's view, is a “cancerous metastasis” supported by the United States, which plans to conquer Lebanon and its territorial waters and is thus a “lasting threat.” He went on to rule out negotiation with his southern neighbors, supporting this with the enumeration of his organization's various victories.

“The resistance has managed to achieve a huge victory over the Zionist entity, provide the homeland with protection and liberation of the remainder of its land. This function is a lasting necessity before Israel's expansionist threats and ambitions as well as the lack of a strong government in Lebanon,” Nasrallah said, calling on civilians to enlist in his army of militants for the good of the nation.

By Roee Nahmias, Ynetnews.com

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