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Israel’s Firm Foundations

May 22, 2024

by: Dr. Bill Adams, BFP Writer

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As a reader of the Dispatch from Jerusalem—and one who has taken your stand with Israel—you are well aware of the firm biblical foundation upon which we as believers stand. Not only do we stand, but we let our voices be heard as Israel’s advocates, confident of God’s plan for His ancient and regathered people. As advocates, we confront errant theologies in the Church and an increasingly pluralistic culture that does not readily receive the truth of Scripture on almost any subject, much less Israel.

To be heard in these arenas, we must also stand with confidence on other foundations where we find Israel’s reality established and God’s kingdom at work. A better grasp of these foundations will help us articulate not only the Jewish state’s legitimacy but also its necessity.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at Israel’s historical, national, societal and geopolitical foundations.


The Jews are indigenous to the land of Israel. It is the birthplace of their identity, language, culture and religion, dating back 4,000 years to Abraham. Theirs is the only nation to have resumed its national aspirations after being driven from their land and spread across the globe—not once, but twice.

In the early 1900s, Jewish people began coming home from their dispersion not as colonizers but as individuals and families who bought forsaken land, drained swamps, planted trees and fought back the encroaching deserts. It was because of the increased prosperity of the land that regional Arab peoples flocked there in search of a better livelihood.

In 1947, the United Nations partitioned the region into two states, one Arab and the other Jewish. The Jews accepted the plan, while the Arabs rejected it, launching a failed war of annihilation that created a stateless people later to be called the Palestinians.

The State of Israel is incidental to the nation of Israel. Against all odds, this people not only survives but thrives in their ancient homeland as a blessing to the region and all the earth.


Ever since its rebirth, Israel has only sought to live among and contribute to the family of nations. Yet from the Arab League to the United Nations to the European Union, it has been relentlessly opposed and delegitimized at every turn. Never the aggressor, Israel has endured seven wars, two prolonged intifadas (Palestinian uprisings) and five major military operations required to subdue terrorist incursions and tens of thousands of incoming projectiles.

Since there has never been a Palestine as a sovereignty that Israel could supposedly occupy, Israel cannot be the “occupier of Palestinian land.” In the aftermath of the defensive Six Day War in 1967, Israel has managed an extremely complex humanitarian and security situation that no other nation has ever faced. Five times Israel offered the Palestinians a state of their own; five times they were rejected. Moreover, each rejection was accompanied by a violent response to exploit Israel’s perceived weakness.

Out of defensive necessity, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) seized control of the Sinai Peninsula, Gaza, southern Lebanon, Judea and Samaria—or the so-called West Bank—and the Golan Heights. Israel subsequently withdrew from the first three and gave partial control of the fourth to the Palestinian Authority. Other than her eternal capital, Jerusalem, the only place to which Israel has extended her sovereignty is along the volatile border with Syria—and all of us who have enjoyed the peaceful Galilee are most grateful for that.


Israel is the only liberal democracy in the Middle East, safeguarding all religions and ethnicities with full human rights. It consistently rates high in world monitoring of civil rights, freedom and diversity. And at last polling, Israelis are the fifth happiest people on earth.

Israel is not an apartheid state, a specious charge fabricated by those who blame Israel for the stateless Arabs while ignoring the two million Arab citizens of Israel who enjoy full privileges of citizenry. “Jewish” State does not mean “Judaism” State. In fact, there is no official religion in Israel, though the influence of Judaism preserves and promotes life, the fear of God and the worth of the individual.

Israel contributes disproportionately to the betterment of humanity through investment and innovation in science, technology, biomedical, agriculture, security, the arts, education and the environment. Israeli rescue teams are among the first responders to worldwide natural disasters, and the largest program in the world providing free heart surgeries for needy children—including Palestinian youngsters—is Israeli, with over 5,000 operations performed so far.


The conflict is not merely a local conflict between Israelis and Palestinians but a regional war with Israel in the crosshairs of Iran working through its many terror proxies. Israel is currently fighting on five fronts: Gaza (Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad); Judea and Samaria (Hamas and Fatah); southern Lebanon (Hezbollah); Syria (Hezbollah and Iranian militias); and Yemen (the Houthis).

This convoluted battlefront constitutes the frontline of the free world. The actual lines are drawn as American-backed Israel versus Russian and Chinese-backed Iran. Tehran seeks regional hegemony on their way to Islamist global supremacy with the anticipated coming of the Muslim messiah, the Mahdi, and considers Israel (Little Satan) and the US (Great Satan) roadblocks to be eliminated.

The current war may only be getting started. Hezbollah is awaiting word from Iran, ready to unleash thousands of precision missiles into northern and central Israel. Israel will have to respond with devastating firepower and take the blame for many Lebanese casualties.

Israel’s Hope

The people of Israel are rallying around their God and their calling as a light to the nations (Isa. 49:6). As they answer the call to arms, they are calling on the name of the Lord. Through the daily labor of love that is Bridges for Peace, we are coming alongside and speaking up for Jesus’ (Yeshua’s) brethren after the flesh, assuring them with our demonstrated message: “Israel, you are not alone.”

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