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Israeli Pen Enables E-handwriting

December 27, 2004
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The pen was designed by Pegasus, an Israeli technology company. It looks and behaves like a regular pen, with standard refilling and a regular ball-point that writes on paper. The electronic component installed in the pen is a small ultrasonic transmitter, with two ultrasonic receivers of very strong processing capacity contained in the base unit.

“When the pen starts writing, the base unit follows its movement, and receives what it is writing through ultrasonic signals. Once the signals are received, the processor turns them into information about the precise location of the pen point on the paper. The processing unit continuously processes the data in order to obtain a continuous image of what is being written,” said Shenholz.

The company also produces a mobile version of the product, which stores the written information for later input. The mobile version is ideal for students taking notes during a lecture, doctors writing information during a patient examination, or law-enforcement officials documenting a crime scene.

The technology currently transmits the written data as an image, which cannot be edited by word-processing or e-mail software; but Pegasus is working with other companies, which have developed handwriting identification software, to make it possible to obtain material from the pen as a typed-word document.

For further information, please contact Pegasus Technologies Ltd., 27 Hamezuda Street, Azoor 58001, Israel; Tel: 972-3-550-0633; FAX: 972-3-550-0727; Web site: www.pegatech.com

By Arutz Sheva

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