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IDF Celebrates 64 Years of Defending the State of Israel

August 14, 2012
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—At the time of its formation, the IDF had 12 brigades, corresponding to the biblical 12 tribes of Israel.

—The IDF is considered one of the world’s most advanced militaries with regard to defense against anti-tank missiles.

—The IDF is considered the world’s leading military in providing care to bereaved families and wounded soldiers. Many militaries around the world learn from the IDF how to more effectively conduct this important work.

—The IDF is the only military in the world with a Youth and Education Corps, responsible for helping soldiers complete their high school education, absorbing soldiers from difficult backgrounds as well as new immigrants, and more.

Female IDF soldier —Israel is the only state in the world in which women are required to serve in the military.

—Today, 34% of IDF soldiers are women, and 88% of IDF positions are open to women.

—One quarter of all IDF officers are women.

Women Soldiers on duty in the IDF

IAF female pilot graduates —In recent years, the status of women in the IDF has improved. In the last naval captains course, the outstanding cadet was a female. Additionally, five female pilots completed training with the last course.

—The Southern Command has a field intelligence company composed exclusively of women.

—The IDF Education Corps includes the positions of military comedian, magician, and clown.

—Two former Chiefs of Staff have gone on to serve as Prime Minister: Yitzhak Rabin and Ehud Barak.

—Approximately 97% of Israel’s international trade is conducted by sea. Therefore, most of the navy’s work involves defending freedom of trade and of navigation.

—[A few months] ago, the IDF’s first Cyber Soldier course concluded. This course is intended to give the IDF a significant advantage in the arena of technological warfare.

One of the most decorated soldiers in IDF history is current Defense Minister Lt. Gen. (res.) Ehud Barak.

—One of the most decorated soldiers in IDF history is current Defense Minister Lt. Gen. (res.) Ehud Barak.

—IDF battalions generally include both men and women. The sole exception is the Netzah Yehudah Battalion, which consists entirely of ultra-Orthodox men.

—The longest training course in the IDF is the three-year pilots’ course.

—Every year, hundreds of volunteers enlist in the IDF. Until six years ago, such volunteers missed an important part of IDF service: basic training. Today, however, volunteers complete basic training and then contribute to the IDF in a meaningful way.

—Pilots spend the most days in reserve service of all IDF soldiers—up to 100 days per year. Special Forces soldiers are also frequently called up for reserve service, serving almost as many days as pilots.

IDF Paratroopers running exercises

—The world’s oldest soldier served until he died at age 86. He served as the IDF’s Chief Engineering Officer.

—The present commander of the Desert Patrol Battalion is the unit’s first Bedouin commander.

—Although the Israeli Navy is the smallest corps of the IDF, its submarines are the military’s most expensive equipment, at a cost of roughly a half billion dollars each.

—After radars were deployed on Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip, the number of infiltrations into Israel fell by between 70–80%.

—Every IDF soldier receives a pamphlet listing and explaining the IDF’s ethical values—a document that soldiers are obligated to carry whenever in uniform.

IDF in Haiti

 —The IDF’s National Rescue Unit responds to disasters not only within Israel, but abroad as well. It has taken part in the rescue efforts following earthquakes in Turkey, Haiti, and Japan.

Source: From an article by Hadas Dudevani, www.idf.il

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