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Cutting-edge Glass Technology

January 2, 2018

by: Jean Homer, BFP Staff Writer

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Liquid Crystal Glass® (LCG) Privacy Blinds

Imagine completely eliminating the need for privacy shades and curtains in the windows of your home. No more need to take heavy drapes to the laundromat…no more concern about the curtain pulls and their safety for young children. An Israeli startup, Gauzy, launched in 2009, has a patented process for combining film technology into glass. The surface then allows a person to control the amount of light penetrating the glass from opaque to transparent. In fact, the Setai Hotel in Jaffa, has installed Liquid Crystal Glass® (LCG) Privacy Blinds in 80 rooms. The glass between the showers and the bedroom can be switched from opaque to clear, using a MultiPlex controller. Research is ongoing into creating glass panels for the front of refrigerators, to allow for inspection of the contents without opening the door!

At Israel’s Shiloh Archeological Park Liquid Crystal Glass® panels have been installed in a circular viewing observatory. The “smart-glass” panels can be changed from clear—which reveals the surrounding landscape. The clear setting gives way to a semi-transparent setting, which then allows for a historic holographic projection with the landscape in the background. Finally, at the fully opaque setting an HD video can be projected directly on the panels.

Through groundbreaking glass-technology research and development, Gauzy is expanding the boundaries of what is currently thought of as “normal.” Partnerships with worldwide companies such as Avery-Dennison and Dammler indicate that the wider world is taking notice of Gauzy’s research, development and technology.

Photo Credit: smartglasstechnology/gauzy.com

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