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Bible Boot Camp for Christians – in Israel

October 10, 2011
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The Bible bee brings the international Christian community together for these common purposes: to enhance Christians’ affinity with the Bible, to foster a love for the Land of Israel and the Jewish people, and to serve as a bridge between Christians and Jews.

Of course, building “bridges” between Christians and Jews is the mission of Bridges for Peace, so we are participating. A BFP staff member is on the board, is participating in selecting the quiz questions, and will serve as a judge in the championship quiz.

Holy Land Bible Bee Director Gidon Ariel describes himself as a “Christian–Jewish friendship cultivator.” When this Orthodox Jew discovered pro-Israeli Christians, he was inspired to develop programs that would grow common ground between the two groups.

Six years ago, he met a Christian leader who wondered how his congregation might be inspired to take a greater interest in Israel and the Jewish roots of Christianity. Ariel thought of Israel’s annual Bible quiz for Jewish youth—a long-time tradition since the days of Ben-Gurion, Israel first prime minister—and how a Christian version of the quiz could ignite that passion.

The contest is not just for youth, however, but is open to adults of all ages as well. Members of any church, school, diocese, home cell group, as well as individuals not connected to any group can join the contest, and now is the time to get started. The final competition is scheduled to take place on March 18, 2012, in Jerusalem, and the preliminary online contests are already underway. Final registration ends January 10, 2012.

After registering, a preliminary qualifier quiz is taken, followed by online quarterfinal, semifinal, and final quizzes, culminating with the Jerusalem championship quiz. Optimally, the first three have 40 days of “built-in” study time in between each quiz. Thus, those who start the earliest have the most time to study. There are specific portions of Scripture from both Old and New Testaments assigned for each quiz. Upon completion of the last online quiz, the 12 top contestants win an all-expenses-paid tour of Israel.

The tour is a veritable “Bible boot camp”—10 days of visiting the sites of biblical stories and reading the relevant Bible passages at each one, breathing life into ancient text. After hikes, swims in the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee, and walks in the footsteps of Jesus, the Land will no longer be just a map in the back of a Bible. The tour’s climax, the Jerusalem Championship Quiz, will be broadcast on the Internet and Christian television.

So come on, young or old alike, roll up your sleeves, open your Bible, and exercise some spiritual muscle! Join this Bible boot camp and register now at www.holylandbiblebee.com. Participation is free, and everyone is a winner when studying the Bible.

But there’s something offered even for non-participants—a special drawing for a free trip to Israel! It’s a promotion perk to encourage as many as possible to come and get connected to this incredible Land and people.

Source: By Charleeda Sprinkle, Assistant Editor

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