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Ashkenazi: We Won’t Rely on Foreign Armies

February 1, 2010
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“Out of the silent steel plates on this platform rise the screams of our Jewish brothers, who were marched into the train cars, beaten, and humiliated. Their screams echo until this very moment, and they are the screams of Israel's obligation and my own, as the man who stands at the head of its army. It is our obligation to remember forever the most horrible tragedy in the history of mankind,” Ashkenazi said.

The chief of staff added that anti-Semitism was still not absent from the world. “It changes its face, its language, its ways, and its justifications, but its aim remains. Even today, heads of state declare openly their desire to obliterate Israel and deny its right to exist,” he said.

“Our legitimate fight against terror organizations that disrupt the lives of our citizens has provided pretext for anti-Semitic attacks by Holocaust deniers and other hostile elements, who legitimize every atrocity committed against the citizens of Israel.”
Ashkenazi added, “From this place, from whence our brothers and sisters were led to the gas chambers without cause or reason but for their Jewish faith, we say to all haters, deniers, and bringers of malice with our heads held high: We are here. The people of Israel have risen and [are] rejuvenated in their country, and they demand their independence and security.”

Ashkenazi also thanked his German counterpart, General Wolfgang Schneiderhan, for attending the ceremony. It was also attended by members of the Jewish community in Berlin and included Jewish prayers as well as a moment of silence for the victims.

By Hanan Greenberg, Ynetnews.com


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