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Abu Mazen-  “Little Jihad” Is Over, “Big Jihad” Starts

April 13, 2005
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Yisacharov similarly played a recording of a leading Abu Mazen supporter singing in joy at the results of the election and explained that it was simply “an old PLO [Palestine Liberation Organization] war song.”

Abu Mazen did little to allay Israeli fears that he is no different from Arafat. He said he dedicated his victory to “brother shahid [martyr] Yasser Arafat,” to the “shahids and prisoners,” and to the “Palestinian people from Rafiah to Jenin.” The crowd responded, “A million shahids marching to Jerusalem!”

The new PA chief continues to adhere to the traditionally maximalist demands of full Israeli withdrawal from all of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza; eastern Jerusalem as the capital of a PLO state; and the “right of return.”

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