Air Strikes, Blasts and Terror Cells: All Tense on Israel’s Northern Front

August 4, 2020

by: Kate Norman

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IDF soldiers watch the Israeli–Syrian border. (Illustrative)

Tuesday, 4 August 2020 | Tensions continue to simmer in Israel’s north as the Israeli military announced it conducted air strikes on Syrian military targets in response to an attempted attack on their shared border Sunday night.

On Monday night the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said it struck Syrian Air Force targets, including observation posts, intelligence systems, anti-aircraft artillery and command and control systems.

The strikes were in response to an incident the night before in which four terrorists crept to the border fence and placed an explosive device in an unmanned IDF outpost. The IDF posted security footage of the event, including the moment the terrorists were killed in an explosion from an overhead strike.

The military also published photos of the backpack used as an improvised explosive device that was left behind by the terrorists as well as a map of where the bomb was placed—within Israeli territory and only 25 meters (82 ft) from the border. The site is unmanned, but Israeli soldiers reportedly often patrol the area.

It is unclear which terror group or organization the men were from, the IDF spokesperson said. The military disarmed the explosive device and is studying it to determine their identity. Nonetheless, the military said it holds Syria responsible.

Normally, the IDF does not discuss or even confirm cross-border attacks. This was an exception, however, in what seems to be a strong statement to Syria and other countries (like Lebanon) where terror groups are operating and launching attacks on the Jewish state.

“In response to last night’s attempted attack from Syria, IDF aircraft have struck various military targets belonging to the Syrian Armed Forces,” Lt.–Col. Jonathan Conricus tweeted. “Attacks on Israel will not be tolerated.”

Another less-talked-about air strike also occurred in Syria just hours after Sunday night’s cross-border incident. The mysterious strike hit a military base in eastern Syria in the town of Abu Kamal, which lies along the Euphrates River, just over the border from Iraq. Reports from different Syrian media differ—the state-run SANA news agency claims that the strike only caused material damage while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports 15 Iran-affiliated Iraqi fighters were killed.

Also a threat to Israel’s northern border is Lebanese-based terror group Hezbollah. The group has vowed revenge for an air strike weeks ago on an Iranian weapons shipment in Damascus that killed one of their fighters. The strike was attributed to Israel, even though the Jewish state never acknowledged its involvement.

Just a few days after that strike, the IDF thwarted what it called a “terror squad” attempting a cross-border attack. Israeli troops fired on a group of armed Hezbollah fighters who had crossed into Israeli territory, driving them back into Lebanon.

The terror group denied that it was an attack and especially that it was their big act of revenge. That, Hezbollah vowed, is still coming.

Israel is taking the threat seriously, and the military remains on high alert to guard Israel’s northern borders.

Posted on August 4, 2020

Source: (Bridges for Peace, August 4, 2020)

Photo Credit: Cpl. Gal Ashuach, IDF Spokesperson's Unit/

Photo License: Flickr