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2022 Saw Fewer Anti-Semitic Incidents Worldwide for First Time in a Decade

January 25, 2023

by: JNS

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A rally in New York City against Anti-Semitism

Wednesday, 25 January 2023 | The number of anti-Semitic incidents has been “curbed” for the first time in a decade, a report released by the Department for Combatting Anti-Semitism of the World Zionist Organization on Tuesday shows.

Nevertheless, there were 10 anti-Semitic incidents a day worldwide in 2022, and a rise in the number of anti-Semitic events on social networks. The researchers view the situation as still concerning.

“Anti-Semitism on social media is increasing at an alarming rate…We raise a clear black flag in view of the increase in incitement on the networks and call on the heads of state to raise the fight against anti-Semitism to the top of the list of priorities,” World Zionist Organization Chairman Yaakov Hagoel said in a statement.

Among the report’s findings was a sharp increase in anti-Semitism in the United States in recent years, with a 61% jump “in the number of cases of violence or planning of violence against Jewish institutions.”

It also noted a rise in Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) activity on US campuses. “One out of three students in the USA testified that they experienced anti-Semitism during the school year, with almost 80% of students experiencing it more than once,” the report states.

“The constant increase in anti-Semitic trends in the last decade is a matter of concern, while the significant reduction in the number of incidents this year is not a sigh of relief either,” said Raheli Baratz Rix, who heads the Department for Combatting Anti-Semitism.

“Anti-Semitism is everywhere, at any point in time and space, and we must not be silent and indifferent about this phenomenon. I call for a joint integration of efforts to deal with areas of awareness and information in order to provide a broad response to this disturbing trend,” she said.

The findings were based on local and international reports, reports of research bodies, local police, Jewish communities and other sources.

Posted on January 25, 2023

Source: (This article was originally published by the Jewish News Syndicate on January 24, 2023. Time-related language has been modified to reflect our republication today. See original article at this link.)

Photo Credit: Christopher Penler/Shutterstock/

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