Incendiary Balloon Terror Continues to Spread Inland

October 10, 2018

by: Kate Norman

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Wednesday, 10 October 2018 | Israeli Police responded to an incendiary balloon found in Givat Ze’ev, a neighborhood just 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) north of Jerusalem on Monday. The device caused no damage or injuries, but the police sent it off for inspection.

The balloon was found in the courtyard of a home in the area. The homeowner didn’t realize what it was at first and spent a few minutes looking at it before calling the police, who evacuated the object from the home and shut down the entire street.

“It was very stressful,” Almog Peretz, the owner of the house, told Ynetnews. “We understood that it was an incendiary balloon and that a disaster was avoided.”

Ever since the so-called “March of Return” violent demonstrations erupted on the Israel–Gaza border in March this year, Palestinian rioters have been attaching flammable material, Molotov cocktails and even explosive devices to balloons and kites to send over the border into Israel. Over the past eight months, fires sparked by arson terror have caused severe damage to Israeli communities bordering Gaza, burning over 7,000 acres of land, including nature reserves, farmland and crops, and causing millions of shekels in damages.

In recent weeks, these incendiary kites and balloons have been found farther in the center of Israel, closer to big cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Last week, a balloon was found over 60 kilometers (37 miles) away from the Gaza border in Modi’in, a city halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Another was found in a neighborhood in western Jerusalem.

Police said it was “unlikely” that these balloons have traveled all the way from Gaza, leaving open the possibility of attacks now coming from within Israel’s own borders.

According to the Jewish Press, Palestinian terrorists in Judea and Samaria may very well be borrowing the Gazan arson terror strategy in an attempt to set areas in the heart of the Jewish state ablaze. The aim behind copying the terror tactic would be to replicate the destructive fires raging in the south nearer the center of the land, thus threatening Israel’s main population centers.

The police have warned people to be vigilant of suspicious objects and report them immediately.

How You Can Help

 Though the incendiary balloons found farther into the center of Israel haven’t caused any damage yet, fires caused by balloons and kites launched from Gaza continue to raze the south of Israel. Palestinian terrorists continue to launch these weapons daily, damaging more land, crops and livestock.

Bridges for Peace became directly involved in the relief efforts by donating much-needed funds to purchase lightweight firefighting trailers for the Eshkol region. This land borders much of Gaza and has suffered greatly from the arson terror.

While our help is certainly appreciated, the communities’ needs are much greater than our current ability to respond. That is why we appeal to Christians to donate to our Crisis Assistance Fund so we can help Israel neutralize and contain the fires from these terror attacks.

Posted on October 10, 2018

Source: (Bridges for Peace, October 10, 2018)

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Youtube/Today News