Hezbollah Launches “Equip a Mujahid” Crowdfunding Campaign

February 15, 2017

by: llse Posselt

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Hezbollah flag

Wednesday, 15 February 2017 | Over the past few years, crowdfunding has enabled many an artist, entrepreneur, aid organization and prospective business to use the internet as a platform to raise capital through the collective effort of friends, family and supporters to launch or further a cause, project or venture. Now it seems that extremist terror group, Hezbollah, is also eager to latch onto the success story to rally fans around the world to fund their plans of bloody destruction.

According to Ynet News, the Lebanese terror organization has recently launched its very own crowdfunding campaign to finance its efforts to annihilate Israel.

Using the slogans, “Equip a mujahid” and “Money for jihad is a must,” Iran’s terror proxy is appealing to fellow extremists around the world to fund the purchase of weapons, clothing and other essential items needed to engage in jihad. Jihad means holy war against the enemies of Islam while mujahid refers to those who engage in jihad.

The campaign, also dubbed “the initiative to arm jihadists,” conveniently enables prospective funders to donate online or via phone. Those who envision something more long-term can even pledge their funds in installments.

Mujahids on glorious battlefronts are in need of clothing and military equipment,” Hezbollah’s crowdfunding website explains. “This initiative allows you to help equip them.” The site also features pictures of various pieces of equipment, including AK-47s and flak jackets, to show funders first-hand what their donations will buy.

A promotional video clip on the site also features a mujahid clothed in military fatigues making what appears to be the final preparations for the battle ahead. The caption accompanying the clip tells viewers, “Whoever arms a fighter is considered to have fought.”

Excerpts of an interview with Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Naim Qassem published last week in Al-Binaa newspaper leaves little to the imagination as to how the terror organization intends to use the funds. “Hezbollah is not concerned to calm Israel or relieve its fears,” he threatened. “Our message is uniform and unchanging and it is that we are willing to pay the price of the conflict. Are you?”

Hezbollah receives a major portion of its funding from Iran. According to Breitbart, the Islamic Republic sends the terror group between $100 and $200 million annually.

In August 2016, Hezbollah head Hassan Nasrallah admitted to Lebanon’s Al Ahed news where its funds come from.     “Hezbollah’s budget—its salaries and expenditures, its food and drink, weapons and missiles—[all come from] Iran. As long as Iran has money we have money. The funds earmarked for us do not reach us through the banks. We receive them the same way we receive our missiles with which we threaten Israel.”

Despite the regular cash injection from the Islamic Republic, the public outcry for support points to some financial woes in the Hezbollah camp. While the current crowdfunding campaign is far from the terror group’s first foray into public fundraising. The extensive and widespread nature of this initiative does, however, raise “questions about the financial difficulties the group may be suffering flowing from the fighting in Syria against the rebels and other jihadist groups which is draining them of precious military equipment,” Ynet News explained.

Posted on February 15, 2017

Source: (Bridges for Peace, 15 February 2017)

Photo Credit: Upyernoz/ Wikipedia

Photo License: Wikimedia

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