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Fire Relief

Fire-Ravaged Israel Will Rebuild

November 30, 2016

Emergency Fire Assistance Update Blankets provided to children’s village in Haifa Friday, 02 December 2016 | Last week, fire ravaged Ahuzat Yeladim, a children’s village in Haifa. Bridges for Peace responded with a truckload of blankets to replace those completely ruined by smoke in anticipation of the children’s return from evacuation. Here, nearly 100 children,

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Urgent—Israel needs our help as fires rage!

November 25, 2016

Dry winds continue to blow across Israel, hindering the fight against over 220 fires that rage from Jerusalem to Haifa. Israel has declared a state of emergency with over 75,000 people being evacuated from their homes in Haifa alone, and thousands of others across the country. Dozens of neighborhoods have been destroyed, with schools, orphanages,

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